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Capiz Historical Institute: Initial step to put history in its proper perspective

History is no doubt very important in the life of a nation.  In our case, Capiceños,  history must be boosted  at the local level in order for us to move forward, to progress as a province and as a people.  It is said that those who do not try to look back into their past cannot reach their destination or have a clearer grasp of the future. In some cases though, when we try to take even a “peek”  at our glorious past , what we get are distorted facts.  Even the most competent historians can sometimes fall victims to manipulations within their midst.

Members of the the Capiz Historical Institute

Members of the the Capiz Historical Institute (L-R: Sarreal Soqueño, Ramon Atinon, Romeo Arceño, Jorgen Gregorio, Gerry Pagharion, Jubert Lago and Alger Inocencio



one functions of the group, … would be to conduct an inventory all historical landmarks in the province 

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